I am Mae Chevrette, a full-time mixed media artist working in Boston, MA at the 450 Harrison Avenue Studios.

As a self-taught artist, I am inspired by travel, adventure and the relationship between our individual experiences in a place and the artifacts that make up its history. My unique work combines layers of my own photography with acrylic paint, inks, hand-lettering and vintage materials such as old letters, envelopes, maps, postcards and other relevant ephemera. All of these elements are pieced together by hand on canvas using traditional and experimental collage techniques, creating vivid contemporary paintings with a vintage feel and tangible depth and texture.

I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, where exploring the rocky shores and lush forests of the Pacific Northwest helped instill a love of adventure and the outdoors.  My main source of inspiration is my solo travels across the United States. Each year I spend 5-6 weeks on the road with my camera in hand, camping, hiking and seeking inspiration for new work. Sometimes I set out with a destination in mind, but more often I meander along highways and backroads looking for an interesting adventure; which has led me to backcountry camping in white sand dunes and desert mesas, hiking through dry slot canyons and lush coastal ravines, and exploring tiny towns from Maine to Oregon. Back in my studio, I begin piecing together photographs and ephemera from my adventures using self-taught painting and collage techniques, creating a unique form of mixed media art that aims to capture the eye of adventure-lovers. (You can read about my solo cross-country road trips through 47 U.S. states and 4 Canadian provinces on my art & travel blog, To Go Into The World.)

I love the process of experimentation with traditional and non-traditional materials, and my style embraces discovering new techniques and pushing the boundaries of what can be adhered to (and scraped off of) a canvas. Each painting combines a multitude of layers of the past and the present: contemporary photography from my travels, found paper, historical documents, maps, nautical charts, letters, stamps and other references that speak to the worn and weathered history of the places we experience. The acrylic paints, inks, graphite, washes and textures I use emulate the natural wear and tear of time and travel. While many of my paintings depict iconic locations and landmarks, I also create work celebrating raw, open, expansive lands seen on my adventures out west.

My work has been featured in public and private collections across the country and internationally, including Madison Square Garden (NY, NY), the Boston Harbor Hotel, Norwest Equity Parters (Minneapolis, MN), the Jordan Lofts (Boston, MA), Hotel Commonwealth (Boston, MA), Hostelling International Boston, and in O, The Oprah Magazine.

When not creating art, I like to explore Boston on my bike, improve my photography skills, read, hike, and travel with my husband Mike and our baby Madeleine.